About Us


Who is Michael Kelly?

We get that question a lot, so we thought we would answer it right here. The founder’s name is Tracy Hoeft; we will let him explain the brand name:

“When founding this guitar company I wanted it to have a family name. My motivation was all about accountability and commitment. I had seen other founders with their name on their product and the crazy amount of commitment they had to their products; I wanted to assure that for this line of instruments.”

“However when your name is Tracy Hoeft you do wonder, ‘Who would want that on their headstock?’ An idea hit me. Since the goal was a commitment I could never forget, I decided to name it after my then very young children. Michael was only 6 and Kelly 3 at the time. I knew if I named the brand after them, I would never be OK with anything less than great. So Michael Kelly Guitars was born. My daughter, Kelly, would tell you now that a better name would have been Kelly Michael Guitars, but being 3 at the time, she didn’t get a vote.”

Who We Are

Michael Kelly remains focused on our vision statement to be “Built On Sound” and each time we put the cherry on top by giving the musician a bold look. We are proud that we do not offer the cookie cutter boring guitars that are readily available from so many brands. We know there are players that prefer classic simplicity and we very much respect that. However, Michael Kelly will continue to be the brand of choice for those that prefer something more boutique and unique.

The Michael Kelly Guitars Team

michael kelly team

We are really proud of our instruments, but what makes us most unique is our people, and your access to them. The world is full of faceless guitar companies, most are big conglomerates. We have a team of passionate guitar people and are committed to giving you unprecedented access to our team. Each member of the team is focused on supporting you. We treat each player like a Michael Kelly endorser. We value personal relationships with Michael Kelly owners and work hard to give you a level of service not readily available from other guitar brands or retailers. Let us help you get the right instrument!

Our History